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(Ew bad lighting) This was taken before I got my most recent Pokedoll which I will reveal at the end :D But in this picture, my newest Pokedolls are Cleffa, Buizel, and Grimer! Cross them off the wants list!

Closer look at my babies :D

Pokedolls galore! Now I had to take a picture of these guys for a digital art project- although Cleffa is missing because I didn't receive her yet and Umbreon is missing because I forgot to add her :o This picture is in the process is being Vectored, or turned cartoon. Half way done!

And drum role for a mini graillll...
MWT Jigglypuff Pokedoll!!! Ah I love her so much! and Cleffa is in the pic too because this was put on instagram. If you dont follow me already my username is @mewisme700!

That's all for now! There's only a few more Pokedolls I'd really enjoy owning, but I am out of grails and mini grails for the time being haha. 
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wow i just realized the jiggly was MWT... u always score crazy deals
Yush very happy :3
Where the hell do you get all the rare Pokedolls from? :D
You seem to have some kind of secret supplier. :D

Great collection. :) Natu looks so cute in the middle of the picture. <3 ^^