My Bootleg Pokedoll Presentation

As I mentioned on my last post, I got to do a "how to" speech for my Public Speaking Class. So I decided to inform my lovely classmates how to identify a bootleg Pokedoll. Im sure they thought I was crazy but I literally have zero shame in my hobby. No one should <3

Video here:

Excuse the vaguness, I didn't want to overwhelm the people haha. I know theres like a bunch of other stuff to consider when dealing with bootlegs, i just covered the basics.


Have a great day!


My privacy settings are set so that no one can message me, and I have tried everything to turn it off but I cant for the life of me figure out how to turn it off.

If you need to contact me please email me at



So recently I came upon my old pins from Disney world I got on vacation years and years ago. It made me wonder what type of Pokemon pins are out there. Sooo a couple eBay searches later, I now want to collect Pokemon pins (keep in mind pins are different than buttons :3)
This particular pin I have wanted for some time, but since it has no where to be found it has become a mini-grail status. (It's under the cut because I can't adjust image sizes on mobile)

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And click this cut for something cute I wanted to post (also can't adjust size sorry:x)

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Have a good day/night/morning !

Small sales

I was granted Sales Permission by dewott in Sept. 2012
Feedback here
I may be a slow shipper beacause I am a student juggling work between two divorced parents house (I only ship when at my Dads)
I only accept Paypal :3

Arceus poster. $8.


Old sealed poster. No idea what it looks like. Will be shipped in a tube so shipping may be pricey but I have no idea. $7.

Raichu TCG Lot holos and reverse Holos from various sets and conditions. Comes with Shining Raichu which is is very good condition. Also throwing in some surprise cards with this lot. $60 OBO.


If you are viewing this page and see an image you would like to use for a wants list, feel free to use any image you'd like!


I was granted Sales Permission by dewott in Sept. 2012
Feedback here
I may be a slow shipper beacause I am a student juggling work between two divorced parents house (I only ship when at my Dads)
I only accept Paypal :3
I am up for partial trades if you win a charm. Wants List (Youll have to hit a subcategory)

Hello, today I bring you with super rare Pokedoll Charms from the Pokemon Center up for auction. The auction will end a week from today on Friday, January 3rd, 2014.

I am very reluctant to sell these, but I know that many of these are grails to other collectors, and I know they will probably never have a chance to own these considering how rare they are. ALL CHARMS START AT $15, EXCEPT MEW WHO WILL START AT $50 BECAUSE OF HIGH DEMAND AND THE POKEBALL AND 2 LOOPS WILL START AT $5 .


Pictures- all are in great condition, except light scratches on the enamel from age.


Wood burned boxes sales

I was granted Sales Permission by dewott in Sept. 2012
Feedback here
I ship to US only
I may be a slow shipper beacause I am a student juggling work between two divorced parents house (I only ship when at my Dads)
I only accept Paypal :3
No haggling on these please :3

Hello, today I bring you wood stained and burned boxes by me.

-These are hand-burned. The wood burner is very sensitive: I CANNOT guarantee perfect lines. If I make a mistake on your commission I will send you a picture and give you an idea on how I can incorporate it into the picture. I will also take off $5 your cost.
-Stain takes to different woods. It may not look exactly the same as to what you saw on the example wood.
-The box is glued together in the factory it was made in: Stain does not pick up where the glue is. It's not me being messy, its where the glue is on the sides.
-The inside of the box is stained
-Shipping will be calculated with each box. The bigger ones will be shipped in cardboard boxes so shipping may be a tad pricey, so feel free to ask for quotes.
-Once I sell these, I will purchase more boxes for slots.

Examples/straight sales:
Mareep and Unown- $15 shipped each. Rest are examples



I typically base my work off card designs, there fore it's not my original work- I lack creativity for that- so please mention what card you'd like me to base the work off of, or any other picture or design.
When picking a Pokemon, please make sure it's not extremely complicated- lines are thick and if they're too many of them it'll look messy.
I have 4 different stains to pick from. Please specify how you'd like them to be incorporated into the piece. I can use 1 or as much as 4. Keep in mind the more layers I add, the darker it will be, so please ask if you would like a certain shade darker.


Here's a picture of the mareep without stain and with stain. I can also sell it to you unfinished, if you'd like to add your own stain or paint.

I currently have a 3 round boxes that the Dragonite Pokedoll tag is on. One is slightly smaller than The dragonite one. Unfortunelty, when I bought the boxes the stupid place put the sticker RIGHT ON TOP the box, and it left sticky residue. I will try my best to get it off, but its not guaranteed. I am only going to have one slot for this one, since there is only one box that has the least amount of residue on it. I also have two smaller heart shaped boxes that have no residue whatsoever. I will be selling slots on a first come first serve basis.

I can do a heart box for 30 shipped. The round ones I will do for $40 shipped.

Heart Boxes:
Slot one
Slot two

Round boxes:
Slot one

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Long shot

Hey guys,
So Christmas is coming and there's nothing a really want so my Dad agreed to just me finding a more expensive plush to buy me. This is a long shot, but I am looking for an Oddish Plushplush in whatever condition. One just sold one eBay for $150 that looked in great condition. So willing to buy in the $120-$160 range depending on condition.


(Ew bad lighting) This was taken before I got my most recent Pokedoll which I will reveal at the end :D But in this picture, my newest Pokedolls are Cleffa, Buizel, and Grimer! Cross them off the wants list!

Closer look at my babies :D

Pokedolls galore! Now I had to take a picture of these guys for a digital art project- although Cleffa is missing because I didn't receive her yet and Umbreon is missing because I forgot to add her :o This picture is in the process is being Vectored, or turned cartoon. Half way done!

And drum role for a mini graillll...
MWT Jigglypuff Pokedoll!!! Ah I love her so much! and Cleffa is in the pic too because this was put on instagram. If you dont follow me already my username is @mewisme700!

That's all for now! There's only a few more Pokedolls I'd really enjoy owning, but I am out of grails and mini grails for the time being haha. 

The weird things

Here we go :D I'm open for offers on some stuff, if you're desperate to have it haha.

I need identification of these figures- They're a very hard plastic, and I have no idea where they're from. They're large too, compared to a kids figure.

These are awesome movie cells from the First Movie I have about 50 of them- unfortunately I have misplaced all of the super cool ones :(

I love my Pikachu Popsicle decal! I bought it off PkmnCollectors forever ago hah. The Lugia poster is (kinda) 3D and has a 1999 calender on the back.

My food collection, which has made some progress. I have a Poptarts box as well, it just doesn't fit on that shelf.

Creepy Pikachu car plush from a Goodwill in North Carolina

Old school table cloth

Bulbasaur Kite!

One of my favorite pieces in my collection, this Pikachu necklace with tin case from TOMY. It didn't come with a necklace chain originally, just a keychain chain.

This is the Promotional VHS that I believe was mailed to people to advertise the release of Pokemon. I got this at some thrift store and thought it was cool/

Now this book is strange. Its some cheap publication of a game guide with other pokemon stuff in it showing off the merch and other goods. Got it at a yard sale last weekend.

(Is that a MewTwo bath buddy in the top right photo?)

Weird Pikachu plush I have never seen

PIKABUG! I wonder if this one is still in its original state, or just sitting in a junk yard somewhere. pikafreakrachel ? haha

Weird Pikachu stamp things

and lastly, these cool bootleg squeak keychains that I think are adorble. :D