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Wood burned boxes sales

I was granted Sales Permission by dewott in Sept. 2012
Feedback here
I ship to US only
I may be a slow shipper beacause I am a student juggling work between two divorced parents house (I only ship when at my Dads)
I only accept Paypal :3
No haggling on these please :3

Hello, today I bring you wood stained and burned boxes by me.

-These are hand-burned. The wood burner is very sensitive: I CANNOT guarantee perfect lines. If I make a mistake on your commission I will send you a picture and give you an idea on how I can incorporate it into the picture. I will also take off $5 your cost.
-Stain takes to different woods. It may not look exactly the same as to what you saw on the example wood.
-The box is glued together in the factory it was made in: Stain does not pick up where the glue is. It's not me being messy, its where the glue is on the sides.
-The inside of the box is stained
-Shipping will be calculated with each box. The bigger ones will be shipped in cardboard boxes so shipping may be a tad pricey, so feel free to ask for quotes.
-Once I sell these, I will purchase more boxes for slots.

Examples/straight sales:
Mareep and Unown- $15 shipped each. Rest are examples



I typically base my work off card designs, there fore it's not my original work- I lack creativity for that- so please mention what card you'd like me to base the work off of, or any other picture or design.
When picking a Pokemon, please make sure it's not extremely complicated- lines are thick and if they're too many of them it'll look messy.
I have 4 different stains to pick from. Please specify how you'd like them to be incorporated into the piece. I can use 1 or as much as 4. Keep in mind the more layers I add, the darker it will be, so please ask if you would like a certain shade darker.


Here's a picture of the mareep without stain and with stain. I can also sell it to you unfinished, if you'd like to add your own stain or paint.

I currently have a 3 round boxes that the Dragonite Pokedoll tag is on. One is slightly smaller than The dragonite one. Unfortunelty, when I bought the boxes the stupid place put the sticker RIGHT ON TOP the box, and it left sticky residue. I will try my best to get it off, but its not guaranteed. I am only going to have one slot for this one, since there is only one box that has the least amount of residue on it. I also have two smaller heart shaped boxes that have no residue whatsoever. I will be selling slots on a first come first serve basis.

I can do a heart box for 30 shipped. The round ones I will do for $40 shipped.

Heart Boxes:
Slot one
Slot two

Round boxes:
Slot one

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